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Violations of Student Conduct

Violations of Student Conduct Code

University students accused of violating local, state, or federal laws can face legal repercussions. In addition, students may be arrested by campus police or referred to the Dean of Students Office for allegations of violating a university’s Student Conduct Code. It can lead to penalties from the college, including reprimand, probation, suspension, or expulsion. University students facing accusations of a civil or criminal nature or accused of violating the Student Conduct Code have a right to defend themselves from these accusations and receive fair and impartial treatment.

Attorneys Christian A. Straile and Gilbert J. Alba are experienced criminal defense and civil law attorneys. They regularly assist university students arrested or accused of violating a college or university’s Student Conduct Code. The legal team at Alba & Straile PLLC is well-versed in school disciplinary laws and assists students by helping them to understand the procedures and rules. We assist in preparing witness examinations and advise on the most effective strategies for presenting a case.

 Our Law Firm assists Students who have been Accused of:

  • Causing physical or other harm to another person
  • Sexual assault and sexual misconduct
  • Harassment
  • Obscene behavior
  • Hazing
  • Possession of firearms or other weapons violations
  • Fire safety violations
  • Drug violations
  • Alcoholic beverage violations
  • Conduct disruptive to the university community
  • Misuse or unauthorized possession or use of public or private property
  • Traffic violations
  • Academic dishonesty

Sometimes a student is wrongly accused as the accuser has a personal agenda. Sometimes the university’s bureaucracy has failed the student. Perhaps the student has made mistakes due to peer pressure or a lapse in judgment. Scientific studies report that students are biologically susceptible to making poor decisions until they transition into adulthood. For these and many other reasons, students need sound advice from a law firm that will protect their interests. The suspension or expulsion of a student due to a disciplinary matter can have permanent implications and severe repercussions on their future educational and professional life.

Although an attorney at a university disciplinary hearing can only act as an advisor, it is essential to have an experienced lawyer provide a proper defense strategy and advice on proceeding with the case. It will give the student the best possible chance of having charges dropped or reduced. A student must be proactive when faced with allegations. They must be very cautious about making statements at the university level that may escalate into a civil or criminal case in a state or federal court of law.

Do Not Let a Mistake Jeopardize your Future

Alba & Straile PLLC provides vital assistance throughout the investigation and preparation of Student Conduct Code hearings at many academic institutions in Florida. Should a hearing result in negative consequences for a student, we can provide counsel regarding an appeals process. We want to protect the investment you have made in your education and your future, handling accusations with all levels of complexity.

Attorney Christian A. Straile has helped countless students in Florida, seeking justice in Student Conduct Code hearings and Florida State courts.

 Our law firm is focused on client results. We strive to provide our clients with compassion, attention to detail, and ease of attorney accessibility. At Alba & Straile, we offer our clients the sound legal counsel and representation necessary to reach their goals. To speak with a Gainesville Student Conduct Code attorney, contact Alba & Straile PLLC by calling (352) 371-9141. Our telephones are answered 24 hours of every day. We maintain a flexible appointment schedule to meet our clients’ needs. Complimentary and confidential consultations are provided for all school-related, criminal, and traffic matters.