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Traffic Violation Defense Lawyer in Gainesville / Ocala, Florida

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For many people, their interaction with law enforcement will result in getting a ticket. Sometimes this is a traffic ticket that can result in a civil penalty such as a fine, or points on a driver’s license that can lead to suspension and a higher insurance premium. However, in Florida, an officer can issue a traffic citation that is instead a criminal traffic violation. Furthermore, an officer may issue a notice to appear for a misdemeanor such as possession of marijuana, theft, or other criminal offenses even though the notice to appear looks a lot like a traffic ticket. The firm handles all such violation whether criminal or civil.

If you received a traffic ticket or citation for a traffic violation in Florida, you must determine whether the officer has charged you with a civil traffic infraction or a criminal traffic offense. Some examples of criminal traffic cases are reckless driving, driving on a suspended driver’s license, driving outside license restrictions, no valid driver’s license and driving under the influence (DUI). You must read your citation carefully because driving on a suspended license or driving on a revoked license can be civil traffic or criminal traffic offenses. Examples of civil traffic violations are speeding, failure to yield the right of way, running a red light, careless driving, violation of a traffic control device, improper turn, etc. To know the consequences in the case, first determine whether it is a traffic infraction that is civil or is instead a notice to appear in court, to face a criminal traffic charge. Some civil traffic tickets also require an appearance by the accused. An attorney can appear on behalf of the driver instead of the defendant appearing in person.

In civil traffic offenses that do not require an appearance in court, there are three choices. First, plead guilty and pay the fine for the traffic ticket. Pleading guilty means the driver will get points and enough points on a license will cause the driver’s license to be suspended. Insurance rates may increase and knowingly driving on a suspended license is a crime in Florida. Second, if you qualify, you may elect to attend a basic driver improvement course or traffic school. Electing school means the fine still has to be paid, half a day in traffic school, online classes are designed to occupy the time, but at least points will not be assessed. Choosing school marks the Driver Record for seventy-five (75) years. Third, you may elect to fight your traffic violation or traffic ticket in court. A judge may order any driver, including CDL drivers, to complete one of many of traffic schools but that will not count as a lifetime election. At the hearing, a law enforcement officer can amend the citation, or it may even be dismissed.

While CDL or commercial drivers do not qualify to elect school to avoid points they can elect court where the traffic hearing officer or judge can withhold points and order traffic school. If the accused has a CDL, has made the traffic school election in the last twelve (12) months or has chosen school five (5) times in a lifetime, then that person is NOT qualified to elect traffic school and should hire a lawyer in the traffic case.

There is a limited amount of time to make an election (Pay, School, Court). The firm handles all traffic and criminal matters. Please contact a Gainesville lawyer and Ocala lawyer to begin the process.

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