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What if You Forgot to Pay Your Traffic Ticket?

What happens when you forget to pay your traffic ticket? A new traffic law went into effect on January 1, 2013 that changed what can happen if a person forgets to pay or otherwise act upon the traffic ticket or citation. Under former law, once 30 days passed, the driver would be convicted or adjudicated, points were assessed and the license was suspended and that was it.

Just about the only way to do anything was to pay the citation and pay the reinstatement fee to have the license reinstated. A Motion to withhold or remove points could always be filed; however, whether to even address the case used to be exclusively at the discretion of the court. Whether a hearing was granted was somewhat by luck of the draw.

Now, so long as it is within 180 days from the citation, the driver can request a hearing. The Clerk has to set a hearing. This means that whether the accused gets their day in court is no longer up to the judge.  A person can request and get a hearing up to 180 days from the violation, regardless of whether the license was suspended for failure to pay a ticket. The final order still remains up to the judge but at least there is a chance by having a hearing that is required by statute. The late fee still has to be paid; however, there is a better chance at getting no points simply because of the entitlement to a hearing.  The driver gets to take their shot, instead of hoping to take a shot.

Ipon receiving a citation, the best course of action is to do something within 30 days. However, if the defendant forgot to pay or act upon the ticket, now the court has to provide a hearing. If you or a loved one forgot to pay a ticket and is asking “now what?” or you otherwise need help either to request or conduct a hearing click, call or fill out the form today.

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