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Waldo, Florida Traffic Ticket Quotas

The top was blown off an illegal traffic ticket quota requirement at the city of Waldo, Florida just days after I issued a blog about traffic ticket quotas. According to a presentation by several officers to the city council, Waldo, long designated a speed trap, did in fact maintain an illegal traffic ticket quota. While this traffic citation quota allegation remains under investigation, two officers have been suspended. Obviously, those officers failed to appear in court this morning. 

My guess is that while the investigation continues, the suspended officers will continue failing to appear in court. Because I actually take traffic infractions to court, the officer’s appearance is required. When the officer fails to appear, then the traffic ticket case should be dismissed.

I have yet to see a smoking gun on the allegations, however, several officers claimed that the Waldo Police Chief said that the officers should be writing a citation per hour. The problem with quotas is that it creates an incentive or motivation to issue citations that are questionable. If an officer can lose their job for failing to write tickets, then that officer is motivated by self preservation and not law enforcement. Traffic ticket quotas have been illegal in Florida since 1992.

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