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Traffic Ticket Defense in a Single Vehicle Crash

Traffic tickets are issued for single vehicle or car crashes. A person ticketed for careless driving, failing to maintain a lane, or any other traffic citation charge brought as a result of a crash involving only one vehicle should always chose to take the infraction to court. In that instance the person cited received the ticket because there was an accident and for no other reason. 

If a lawyer is hired, the lawyer can go to court instead of the driver even if the citation is marked appearance required. In single car accident careless driving or other citations, the driver is likely the only witness to the accident. The State has to prove an accused guilty, and most of the time the officer or trooper did not witness the accident.

What evidence can they present without the driver being in court? None. If the driver admitted or made statements to the officer to complete the crash report, the officer cannot use any statements of the driver due to the accident report privilege. If an accused goes to court on their own, they can be asked questions and there is no right to remain silent in traffic tickets. The accused may have to admit to driving.

Hiring a traffic ticket defense lawyer can save points, and fine and court costs associated with the traffic citation for careless driving because without evidence, the State cannot meet their burden of proof which is beyond a reasonable doubt. Please click, call or fill out the form to hire a traffic ticket lawyer to attend court instead of the driver or with the driver.

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