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Traffic Ticket Defense and Court Continuances

In the traffic ticket defense practice clients often ask for a continuance of the case. There seems to be some urban myth that if the court date or hearing is rescheduled, then it might make it more likely to conflict with schedules. Both the State via the officer and the driver or defendant can ask the court to change the trial date in a traffic citation case just like the opposing party in any other case be it criminal, injunction, family law or other civil case. 

When you hire a traffic lawyer or otherwise choose to fight your ticket in court, the Clerk will set a court date. If you file a motion to continue, then depending on the law enforcement agency, there is just as equal a chance that the schedule is coordinated with the officer’s agency. If that happens, then the defendant may have caused a greater chance that the officer would appear. If the first date conflicts with the traffic cop’s, then the request to continue may actually hurt the chances to have your ticket dismissed.  There also has to be a valid reason to ask the court to continue the case beyond hoping to create a scheduling conflict.

The inner workings of the courthouse can be just as confusing to the accused as a surgery would be to a carpenter or framing would be to the surgeon. We all have our jobs to do. Our pricing in civil traffic infraction defense competes with the cost of time off of work or in traffic school. Fill out the form to the right, click or call to hire a traffic lawyer.

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