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Traffic Ticket Capital Waldo, Florida Disbands its Police Department

Recently, the city of Waldo, in Alachua County, Florida disbanded its police department.  This means that every person who has received a citation from any Waldo city police officer should take their citation to court.  This is because I believe that many officers will not show in court. If the officer fails to appear, the traffic ticket will be dismissed.

While I cannot make any promises or guarantees, the Gainesville Sun reports that at least one officer, Officer Roberts, has said he will not come to court and an attorney reported another officer, Officer Logan will not come to court.  With Ken Smith and Mike Szabo already on suspension, that is four Waldo officers which is over half the department that will likely not show in court.   

It looks like the Waldo ticket machine is gone for good.  According to the article, Waldo traffic citations are down by two thirds.  Now the sheriff’s office will be patrolling the streets of Waldo with one deputy part of the time, instead of up to four officers all of the time.  The sheriff disbanded their traffic unit a few years ago.

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