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Speeding and other School Zone Citations

School zones are heavily monitored. Therefore, in traffic ticket defense, we see several citations issued to people for failing to stop at a red light (or behind the stop bar), failing to yield, failure to obey a traffic control device and of course speeding through a school zone. The cities on US Highway 301 (Waldo and Lawtey) still write a bunch of tickets even though their signage has improved over the years.

In cases involving a school zone, the officer is supposed to check the school zone to make sure that it was operating properly, at the appropriate time, prior to establishing their observation position. Admittedly, some school zones are better marked than others. Sometimes, people will say that they never saw the school zone flashing lights, signs or other traffic control device. Unfortunately, failing to observe any traffic control device is not a legal defense such that the Court will dismiss the ticket. We can still help.

There are legal reasons to dismiss cases such as an officer’s failure to show, failure in the documents, the lights flashing or not flashing at the wrong time, and other procedural defenses. These are reasons to hire a lawyer. An accused represented by a lawyer does NOT have to attend any hearings or give any testimony. In traffic court, if a defendant wants to provide a statement but cannot make it to the courthouse, any helpful testimony can be given via affidavit which is a notarized written statement.

Malfunctions do happen. If there is testimony that the school zone traffic control device or signal was seen but the lights were not flashing, in other words there was a malfunction in the traffic control device itself, then that can be useful. “I did not see the lights” will not get your case dismissed just as “I did not see” any other traffic control device would not because it is the driver’s duty to see and obey the traffic signs. It may help to mitigate a sentence but if the driver missed the lights, then they should really just let a traffic lawyer handle the citation and not say anything.

Lawyers know the law and rules of procedure and the cost to hire this office is minimal when considering the time of going to court for yourself. Please click, call or fill out the form to hire a ticket lawyer.

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