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Red Light Camera Violations

Red light cameras and traffic tickets for red light camera violations are becoming more prevalent. It seems that every month there are more phone calls from people who receive a notice of violation on a red light camera.

Sometimes, people call claiming that they were turning right at the red light. Although there is a general requirement to stop at all red lights, after stopping you may make a right hand turn, unless otherwise prohibited by a sign or other traffic control device at the intersection. That is why the law allowing for red light cameras specifically says that “a traffic citation may not be issued for failure to stop at a red light if the driver is making a right hand turn.”

A driver who has been issued a notice of violation from a red light camera and wants to fight it, must take it to court. To have a day in court, follow the instructions on the notice. Most of the notices instruct to do nothing. After doing nothing, the government will mail the accused a citation. The potential fine will be increased. However, upon the issuance of a citation, the case can be argued in court. However, as stated in the Dunnellon red light camera blog, in court there have been problems with the evidence needed to impose a fine and red light camera cases are being dismissed across the state. This of course does not mean that the government will not eventually fix the problem.

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