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North Florida Traffic Ticket Defense

Traffic ticket defense can be rewarding and frustrating. Florida has 67 counties. That means 67 different ways of doing things. Then within those counties different judges and hearing officers with different assistants that all seem to like things done differently too. That is the frustrating part. This is also why it is important that if you want to hire a lawyer to handle your traffic citation that you select an attorney that is from the county or regularly practices within the county where you received the ticket. Consider whether you would drive from the other end of the state to either Marion County or Columbia County for the fee we charge. Do you really want an attorney from a big city down south handling your traffic case in Alachua County or Bradford County? If you are a CDL driver, and need an amendment to the citation to keep your job, this should be an important consideration. 

Your attorney and their staff should be able to answer questions about the county where your traffic case is located. (Unless you are talking to the brand new staff person). For instance, do your attorney and their staff know the difference between criminal traffic court in Marion and Alachua County? How long does it take for the Clerk to set a hearing in traffic court in Bradford County versus Columbia County or Marion County? What do the words used by the Clerk mean? Will your case require a pre-trial? Do you have a chance to have your traffic ticket dismissed if the officer does not show at the next court date? In some counties like Duval and Columbia the answer could be no. In Columbia County it depends.  In Alachua County, Bradford County and Marion County the Court calls the final proceeding something different than that same proceeding in Duval County. What about Columbia County traffic court?

For any county, if you want representation when it goes to court call my office. I have actually appeared in 33 Florida counties as of the typing of this blog. Primarily we take cases in Alachua, Bradford, Citrus, Columbia, Levy, Marion and are moving into Duval, but have serviced others and no two counties do things the same. If you have a traffic case, hire local. Call, click or fill out the form at the top right of the page for a consultation.

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