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Columbia County Traffic Tickets

The firm represents individuals who have received traffic tickets or criminal accusations in Columbia County, Florida, located in North Florida. Several people receiving citations in Columbia County are from out of state.  This is because Interstate 75 and Interstate 10, both heavily traveled by tourists and visitors to Florida, intersect just north of Lake City in Columbia County. The Florida Highway Patrol or FHP monitors traffic along both I-75 and I-10 corridors. 

Many people accused of speeding through Columbia County will argue that “there is no way the trooper got me on radar or laser based upon where the trooper was located”. Usually the trooper is hiding in the trees on the side of the highway. However, the FHP in Columbia County uses airplanes to monitor traffic. In Columbia County, it is likely the speed was measured from the air rather than the ground. A trooper in an airplane uses a stop watch to time drivers instead of a radar or laser. Just like any other speed measuring device, the stopwatch must be properly maintained and calibrated with proper documentation in order for the results to be entered into evidence.

White lines have been painted across the highway. A driver’s travel time across the lines is used to calculate the speed. If a car is speeding, a trooper on the highway is called by the troopers in the plane and told which vehicle to stop. The driver is identified and issued a speeding ticket. To prove the citation in court both the trooper who timed the vehicle and the trooper who initiated the traffic stop and identified the driver have to appear in court.

There are defenses that can be raised to defeat a traffic ticket. If you were issued an infraction in Columbia County, or any other county in North Florida, and would like to hire an attorney to represent you in traffic court, then please click, call or fill out the form to the right.

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