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Careless driving – Traffic Ticket Defense in Gainesville & Ocala

When a driver gets a careless driving traffic ticket it can be a very serious matter. A citation for careless driving normally means a traffic ticket defense lawyer should be contacted.  Many times the charge is the result of a traffic crash or accident.

If the officer makes the allegation of a serious bodily injury, then the consequences can be severe. Accusations of careless driving causing serious bodily injury or death cause mandatory fines and license suspension if convicted. The mandatory suspensions for careless driving are triggered if the cited driver has seioulsy injured or killed another person. In addition to mandatory fines and driver’s license suspension, a violation of careless driving resulting in a death can also result in one hundred and twenty (120) community service hours, which is more than required for a DUI!!!

Reckless driving is a criminal traffic offense. A citation for careless driving is a non-criminal moving violation that carries three (3) points unless there is an allegation of a crash. A conviction for careless driving causing a crash will result in four (4) points. Many times the charge for careless driving will only involve one vehicle, that of the driver who received the citation. In almost all cases the officer that issued the citation for careless driving will not have witnessed the accident. In those instances you should always hire an attorney to fight your traffic ticket.

Careless driving, whether involving serious bodily injury or death, or just a crash where thankfully no person is hurt is a serious traffic offense with potential long term consequences not only to a driving record but to insurance premiums. Please click, call or fill out the form to hire a traffic ticket lawyer now.

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