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Amendments to the Red Light Camera law, the “Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Program”

Amendments to the red light camera law named, the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Program, which authorize the use of red light cameras to issue a notice of violation, will go into effect on July 1, 2013. A person accused of running a red light by a red light camera will first receive a “Notice of Violation”. If the notice is ignored, then eventually a uniform traffic citation charging violation of a traffic control device, violation of a traffic signal device, or running a red light will be issued and delivered via certified mail. 

Before, July 1, if you wanted to deny the accusation of running the red light, or wanted to challenge this notice in court, until now you had no choice but to do nothing and wait. Now however, an accused can request a hearing. The Department of highway Safety and Motor vehicles is charged with providing a form. These hearings are authorized to be conducted by the municipality. The new law also removes the formal requirements of the evidence code and of course the courts.

The amendments to the red light camera law also provide more time to pay from the date of the notice of violation is issued. The law still contains the provision that a person is not supposed to be cited if they are turning right but then the legislature added new language more detailed language about what types of actions in making the right turns may not be cited. That language appears somewhat contradictory.

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