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Domestic Violence and the Work Place

Domestic violence has made a lot of headlines recently and by now most of us have seen the ads the NFL felt compelled to bombard us with. My office defends those accused of the criminal charge of domestic violence but we also represent victims seeking injunctions and proceeding with divorce or dissolution of marriage.

Domestic violence in the courthouse usually comes in three forms. Those are 1) a criminal case involving some form of battery, assault, or stalking, 2) an injunction for protection against domestic violence and 3) divorce or paternity actions seeking to establish timesharing or custody. Sometimes an alleged perpetrator can be facing all three different litigations at the same time. No one plans for three litigations or the time and money that it takes to defend or prosecute them. 

While a victim of domestic violence will only have two cases to which they are a party, even the alleged victim will have to spend some time in a criminal case. The time it takes to be a litigant can be a major distraction, inconvenience or otherwise negatively impact a person’s employment. Fortunately, there are laws that protect litigants from an employer reacting by firing or retaliating against a person for becoming a victim or a witness. Subpoenaed witnesses and victims of domestic violence are protected from employer retaliation by specific separate statutes.

Whether you or a loved one are an accused or victim of domestic battery or other violence, you will need help navigating the system. Click, call or fill out the form for assistance.

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