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DUI Deferment Program for a First DUI in Gainesville, Florida.

A person arrested and accused of a first DUI in Gainesville Florida may qualify for the DUI Deferment Program or DUI DP. The net result of the Deferral agreement is that at the end of supervision, the driver will be sentenced upon charges of Reckless Driving rather than as charged, with a first DUI. If a person qualifies for the DUI Deferment, then legal costs and fees will be less. Not all people will qualify; speak to a DUI lawyer in Gainesville, Florida before you go to court.

The main reason for the drastic reduction in fees and costs is that in order to enter into the program, a citizen accused of DUI, usually must agree to the program within thirty (30) days. Sometimes arraignment is not scheduled for weeks. Furthermore, the time to choose the program usually comes prior to the DHSMV hearing. Less litigation means less in fees and costs. A person arrested for a first DUI in Gainesville still has the right to challenge the automatic suspension of their driver’s license at the DHSMV hearing.  A formal review hearing must be requested within ten (10) days from the arrest. Furthermore, requesting a DHMSV hearing may allow you to see the evidence of DUI sooner than through the normal DUI discovery process.

The main disqualifiers for the DUI DP are if there is an allegation of DUI with property damage or injury or if the person accused of DUI has a significant traffic history. A person accused of DUI with property damage or injury should have representation by a DUI lawyer. An arrest for driving under the influence in Florida has time limitations. If you or someone you know has been arrested for a DUI in Gainesville do not wait for the case to go back to court to take action because, rights may be lost by the time a case returns to court.

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