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Open or Active Warrants in Criminal Cases

Oftentimes in criminal cases, a person who has an active or open warrant for their arrest needs assistance. A warrant for arrest issued by a court can be for many different reasons. An order for arrest can be issued if a person missed a court date, violated probation, or was the subject of a criminal investigation. Sometimes a commit order is issued when a person violates the terms of, fails to comply with, or there is a failure to submit proof that conditions were completed in a deferred sentence.

In an investigation, a person may or may not know that they are the subject of the investigation. Law enforcement generally is not interested in your side of the story. Sometimes a sworn complaint is filed in the courthouse and the State Attorney’s Office will review the matter, and then request a warrant if they believe a crime has occurred. Some people are surprised to learn that they have an active warrant in this scenario.

Other common ways to earn a warrant are to miss a court date, violate probation or violate the terms of a deferred sentence. A deferred sentence occurs when the court sentences to jail or prison but leaves a person free with certain conditions. A violation of those conditions or failure to comply or complete the terms will result in a warrant or commit order.

Normally, the only way to deal with an open warrant is to be arrested or surrender. Ideally, someone with an open arrest order should surrender themselves as this usually helps to achieve the best result possible. Somtimes, a person can demonstrate changed circumstances and/or mistake or lack of prosecution by the State then good things can happen.

Whether the warrant is old or new, if you or a loved one has an active warrant, the best course of action is to contact a lawyer immediately. Please click, fill out the form or call today for a consultation.

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