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Motion to Revoke Bond in Criminal Cases

In criminal cases a bond is an amount set by the court to allow a person to remain at liberty while their case is pending.There are several standard conditions of bond such as do not use illegal drugs and do not violate the law. The Court can set other conditions of pre-trial release such as curfew, day reporting and drug testing. 

As Adrian Peterson found out, a person released on bond who fails a required drug test, is subject to having their bond revoked. Mr. Peterson is set to have a hearing to determine whether his bond should be revoked. According to the article I read, Peterson admitted that he had “smoked a little weed” while out on bond.

A bond is a contract between the accused and the court.If a defendant has a bail bond agent then the bail bondsman becomes a party to the contract.In Florida, a Judge can revoke the bond at any time for a breach of the bond contract such as ingesting drugs or committing new offenses while out on bond.

A person released on bond or other pre-trial release conditions can seek to modify the bond.Normally, a hearing and the accused’s presence in court is required. If you or a loved one needs help with bond reductions, modifications or any criminal case please click, call or fill out the form at the upper right of the site to hire an criminal defense attorney today.

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