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Marijuana or other drug sale and purchase

Practicing criminal law or being involved in the criminal justice system is never boring. Recently a caller to 911 asked “where can I buy some marijuana this morning?” This call looking to buy pot from the police almost sounds like a joke. 

This call was from another state. In Florida, possession of, sale of and purchase of marijuana is a criminal offense. Possession of less than twenty (20) grams of marijuana is the only misdemeanor drug possession charge. Possession can be actual or constructive.  I hear that some states have misdemeanor possession of cocaine, but in Florida possession of cocaine, no matter the amount is a felony. Possession of a prescription medicine or narcotic without a prescription is also a felony. Sale or delivery of marijuana, prescriptions or narcotics is also a felony.

My bet is the call seeking to buy marijuana was a joke. If you or a loved one have been arrested for possession, purchase, trafficking, or sale of marijuana, cocaine, prescriptions or other narcotic, then that is no joking matter and an attorney should be contacted immediately. If you have any drug case, simple possession to trafficking, then please click or call today for a free consultation.

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