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Criminal Defense Lawyer – never a dull moment

As a practicing criminal defense lawyer it is never a dull day. Everyday new fact patterns arise such that you are much less subject to being surprised. An article in the Gainesville Sun brought my attention to a criminal law that I have never seen applied in such a fashion. 

According to the article a canine unit was driving by a person’s house. The person is accused of yelling and flailing his arms. Law enforcement arrested this person for harassment of a police dog. According to Florida law it is a crime to harass, tease, interfere or attempt to interfere with a police dog or horse. The crime is a second degree misdemeanor punishable by up to sixty (60) days in jail and a five hundred dollar ($500) fine.

While I certainly knew that you could not hit, touch, try to kill, or maim a police dog and you certainly could not try to throw one off of a scent or otherwise attempt to interfere with a search, yelling and flailing your arms on your property is a new application of this law to me. I guess if the goal was to get the police officer’s attention then it worked. Hopefully there is a video given the serious nature of the stated reason the officer was in the area.

I guess that is why they call it practice. If you are loved one is accused of any criminal offense in regards to any crime and want to speak to a criminal defense attorney then please click or call today for a free consultation.

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