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Bicyclist Seriously Injured by Drunk Driver in Hit and Run Crash

The Gainesville Bicycle Accident and Injury Attorneys of the Law Office of Alba & Straile, PLLC, and the members of our community, are pulling for the swift recovery of Ali Lauren Brody, who suffered serious injuries after being struck by a drunk driver. The incident occurred on Saturday, April 12, 2014, as Brody, a UF student, and…


Spanish Transcript: Hola, yo soy el abogado Christian Straile hablándote aquí afuera del corte en el condado de Marion, Florida para decirles que debieran de preguntarles a tus abogados si han trabajado adentro de una audiencia con alguien traduciendo. ¿Y por qué? La razón es que es muy diferente presentando tu evidencia cuando alguien está…


English Transcript: What is an adjudication? An “adjudication” is a fancy legal term for a decision by the judge. In a child support context we would say the judge is going to adjudicate your child support matter. In a criminal or traffic ticket case it can be more complicated because of the withholding adjudication concept….

What is an Injunction?

English Transcript: Good morning this is Christian Straile coming to you from outside the courthouse here in Ocala, Marion County Florida. Where I just concluded injunction Court. What is an injunction? Well, an injunction is simply an order telling you to do or not do something, it could be to remove a fence from your…