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Concealed Weapon in a Vehicle

When is a weapon concealed or not concealed inside a vehicle? Florida law defines a concealed weapon as a deadly weapon carried on or about a person in such a manner as to conceal the weapon from the ordinary sight of another person. Normally a person cannot see the items inside a vehicle without opening a door. This can lead the state attorney’s offices to file charges that the weapon was concealed if the weapon or firearm is carried within a vehicle.

Once a person is arrested for carrying a concealed weapon or firearm, it is up to them and their lawyer to mount a defense. In a recent case, the concealed weapon, brass knuckles, were carried in a pocket of the driver door. After a traffic stop, the officer asked the defendant to exit and upon opening the door, the police officer “immediately recognized” the weapon. The defendant lost at trial. 

The Appellate Court held that the weapon was NOT concealed due to several factors including the location of the weapon was visible once the door was opened, the fact the police immediately saw and knew it was a weapon, the defendant did not seek to conceal the weapon, and it was not covered by anything. The court reversed the defendant’s conviction.

Carrying a weapon or firearm is not per se illegal. The manner in which a person carries the weapon or firearm can be a crime. If you or someone you know has been arrested for concealed weapon or concealed firearm, then please click or call to hire an attorney.

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Waldo & Lawtey Florida – the Two and Only Speed Traps

According to AAA, Waldo, Florida and Lawtey, Florida are “Traffic Traps”, more commonly referred to as speed traps. AAA lists two speed traps in the entire country and they happen to be Waldo and Lawtey. Both towns count on people just paying the ticket instead of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer. 

The towns of Waldo and Lawtey are only separated by about 20 miles on US 301. Waldo is in Alachua County and Lawtey is in Bradford County. Both Waldo and Lawtey have school zones, which are very short and less than obviously marked. Many motorists call looking for a traffic lawyer after receiving a citation or ticket for speeding in a school zone in both cities. The Waldo southbound school zone can be particularly challenging to obey for people unfamiliar with the area.

Florida’s trial level court for a traffic tickets or other infractions is the County Court. Waldo and Lawtey do not have their own court system. Traffic citation cases are handled by the Alachua and Bradford County Court. (see my past blog).  Officers from Waldo or Lawtey have to travel to attend traffic court. If they cannot make it to court, then the traffic ticket is dismissed.

The office handles all traffic cases. No matter what kind of traffic case, click or call to hire a lawyer.

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Since the publishing of this blog Waldo disbanded its police department, however, Lawtey is going strong in Bradford County.